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Absence Report - Contract Faculty.pdf
120 KB
Adjunct Instructor Availability Form - Appendix I.pdf
134 KB
Adjunct Committee Time Sheet.pdf
114 KB
Adjunct Faculty Classroom Observation.pdf
116 KB
Adjunct Faculty Office Hours Time Sheet.pdf
100 KB
Adjunct Faculty Statement of Grievance.pdf
95 KB
Adjunct Report of Absence.pdf
103 KB
Adjunct Faculty Summary Self Evaluation.pdf
57 KB
Appendix U-Administrative Response to Adj Fac Evaluation.pdf
95 KB
Application for Additional Discipline(s).pdf
88 KB
Appendix F- Adjunct Application for Office Hours.pdf
111 KB
Attendance Report-Confidential.xlsx
41 KB
Catastrophic Sick Leave Donation Faculty.doc
45 KB
Changes in Name, Address, Telephone.doc
76 KB
Payroll - Classified Absence Form.doc
200 KB
Classified Employee Evaluation Form.docx
46 KB
Compensatory Time Ledger.xls
73 KB
Confidential Employees Evaluation Documents.docx
100 KB
COSAFA Cancelled Class Compensation Form.pdf
25 KB
District Timesheet.xls
219 KB
Email Account Request.doc
76 KB
Emergency Contact Information.doc
85 KB
Management Evaluation Documents.docx
58 KB
Report of Absence - Faculty.doc
87 KB
Request for Approval of Credit for Salary Advancement.doc
77 KB
HR-1 (New or Replacement Classified-Confidential-Management).doc
106 KB
HR-2 (Temporary).doc
108 KB
HR-2 (Temporary - Guide to Temporary Employees).pdf
54 KB
HR-3 (Police or Fire Adjunct).doc
93 KB
HR-4 (Adjunct).doc
89 KB
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